Her ‘Cut to the Chase’ Approach Benefits each Client with Ideas and Strategies that are Operation Specific.

Kris grew up in a farming and ranching family in South Dakota.  She understands the issues and challenges that face the Ag community.  She has a passion for keeping the Values, Traditions and Heritage alive.  She understands the importance of leaving a Legacy for Future generations.  Kris has lived in the western states for many years (SD, WY, and MT).  She has an understanding and appreciation for the local culture, attitudes and values.




Risk Management & Safety

Kris has over 25 years’ experience in Workplace Safety and Health Leadership, Education and Positive Culture lmplementation. She has been on both sides of Compliance. Kris was a Senior OSHA lnvestigator with MN OSHA and a Senior Safety Consultant with WY OSHA. She has also been responsible for Leading the implementation of Safety programs in the Private Sector (Construction, General lndustry, Health Care) and Government. Read More …



Holistic Animal Health

‘It has been my privilege to be a student of Carol Komitor, founder and developer of Healing Touch for Animals®. Kris has completed the Healing Touch for Animals® program and has earned Certified Practitioner credentials.  She has also enhanced her skills with Advanced Proficiency courses.  Continuing education/skill building is a passion for Kris.  Kris has a passion for providing quality service that benefits both animal and human health and wellness.  In addition to her upbringing on the farm, she has been a student of Low Stress Animal Handling techniques.  She has studied with Whit Hibbard, Dawn Hnatow, and others.  Read More …



Space Clearing

Kris brings a calm, peaceful presence to her Space Clearing practice.

Kris is a student of Carol Komitor, founder and developer of Healing Touch for Animals®.  Space Clearing skills are taught in the curriculum for this discipline.

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