Space Clearing is a practice that works to clear and balance energetic congestion.  The clearing work generates a clear and harmonious environment — positive energy.


Where would Space Clearing help? Any space can benefit from a clearing/blessing

  • House
  • Room
  • Hospital room
  • Training facility
  • Barn
  • Property/outdoor spaces
  • Objects
  • Cluttered spaces
  • Grooming facilities
  • Shelters
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Businesses
  • Property for sale or rent


Why would a space need to be cleared?


When a space feels stagnant or heavy

Something negative has happened in the space

There is a desire to have a lighter feeling in the space



Special Attention Realtors / Brokers

This practice can help magnetize new owners/buyers

Good times to conduct a space clearing/blessing

  • When you move
  • Selling your house
  • Renting a space
  • Buying a space
  • Relationship ends
  • New animal
  • Losing an animal
  • You feel heaviness and want lighter feeling
  • After divorce/break-up
  • After argument
  • Antiques or 2nd hand store items
  • After job change
  • After major life transition
  • If you work with draining clients or people
  • After illness or death in space
  • If you wish a fresh beginning


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What to Expect during Space Clearing Consultation?

I will conduct an assessment of your space.

I use a combination of Healing Practices and Tools that may include:
Tuning Forks, Smudging, Crystals, Healing Intention, Essential Oils


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Essential Oils

I incorporate the use of essential oils to assist in increasing the positive energy (raising the vibration) of the space when clearing spaces.

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  • I am a Young Living® essential oils distributor.
  • Young Living has a ‘Seed to Seal’ quality control process to ensure the oils are of the highest quality.
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  • I am happy to assist you in becoming a distributor.

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